Australian Facility Services

How & What We Do


AFS (Group of Companies) will manage the complete maintenance process from job request to approved rectification using single point of contact and the National Helpdesk.

The Client Service Manager also ensures that the projects meet quality, cost and delivery targets while the Supervisor is responsible for coordinating resources and delivering as per approved operational guidelines in compliance with quality and OH&S requirements. The Supervisor is assisted by our Line Management Team in ensuring that appropriately skilled staff is available at the right time to ensure smooth flow of operations.

The line managers will take a hands-on-approach and manage day to day operations by means of site audits and will be the liaison point between the client and AFS. This interface enables us to meet both normal and peak service requirements without causing any inconvenience for the facilities patrons.
We ensure that all critical activities and remedial actions are carried out in consultation with the client. Quarterly audits on the staffing, operational aspects and compliance, will be conducted in consultation with designated Client representatives to ensure that we deliver beyond set standards.

Performance Management Systems

Starting up a new contract is a significant process that consumes time from our Operational Departments and Clients Service Managers. Through experience we have developed processes that allow our teams to start new contracts easily and within limited time frames. AFS (Group of Companies) recognises that it is vital to the success of the service that the resources we deploy are matched with preparation, planning and implementation of the service. AFS Property Services investment in quality management practices and effective operational management personnel ensures a successful outcome.

Operational Approach

AFS (Group of Companies) operates on effective initiation or contract start up process designed to ensure that we are prepared for any occurrence.

Our structured transition plan provides:

  • Existing and new staff the opportunity to apply, be interviewed, and the kept up to date with the entire process to maintain a solid and happy workforce on site during the transition process.
  • Allows for regular weekly review meetings with the client throughout the transition.
  • Allocates appropriate time for union or employee representative involvement.
  • Ensures that equipment is onsite and for supplier training to take place.
  • Allows for full induction training of employees prior to commencement of works
  • Provides the OH&S team time to assess the site carry out a full inspection and adjust the generic safety management and environmental plans accordingly, ensuring site specific usefulness.
  • Allows time to implement onsite MSDS and Job Safety Analysis
  • Allows for set up of computerized systems, including:
  • Internal audit.
  • Performance inspections
  • Staff register and rosters
  • Equipment maintenance
  • All contracts receive an initial Impact clean free of charge. This is designated to bring the premises up to an acceptable standard so that AFS (Group of Companeis) team can concentrate on maintaining the agreed standards.

Operator Training:

AFS (Group of Companies) aim to appoint quality staff that meet client requirements as detailed in the service contract. Successful provision of these services depends on performance by a capable and competent team undertaking their role as required by the client and in accordance with our procedural guidelines and sound work practices.

AFS (Group of Companies) believes that a successful service contract is due to the capable, competent teams that demonstrate ability and capacity to develop the role presented in the contract guidelines.